Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gold plated Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

Spending a huge amount of money on a luxury car like a Mercedes and then adding thousands more on its beautification with a precious metal or gemstones is indeed a matter of concern that needs your attention. We bring you the jaw dropping luxury Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG all wrapped in gold that proved to be a real head-turner at the “Bling on Wheels Show” in Dubai. However, there is no word on what amount was thrashed on the car to get the paint job done, but the flashy gold-mirror finish will certainly make your eyes sore when you take a closer look on a sunny day.

Black Klown Clothier x Obama= Obama Run DC


What started off as a small run for family and friends has now become a full fledged release for Black Klown Clothiers. The brand will be releasing a limited edition run of their witty take on Barack Obama’s new found Presidency. The t-shirt is now available in their online store .
all retailing for $30.

Kanye and Louis V !


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Green Slips

Green slips $60 available size 10. Other colors available upon request.

Payed my tuition For U of M

Just forked over $1500 for the first half of tuition at the UofM today. Im broke as hell now!!! And its going up in the fall. On top of that they are passing a bill today. I heard the state will remove the flat rate cap for full time students. Now students will be charged per credit hour just like part time students.
I found an article on the Tennessean that explains it a little better, heres a snippet of the article. You can find the full article here on the Tennessean .

The more college credit hours students sign up for, the more tuition they will pay, the Tennessee Board of Regents decided Thursday.
Currently, students at the universities and community colleges in the Board of Regents system pay a flat rate for full-time tuition, regardless of the actual number of classes they take. Students could take four classes, about 12 credit hours of work, or six classes, about 18 credit hours, and pay the same fee.
Starting next school year, full-time students will be charged per credit hour, just as part-time students are charged. The board voted 9-4 to remove the tuition cap and will set the new tuition rates in June, board spokeswoman Mary Morgan said.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


13th January 2009 releases

8ball & Mjg - Tenn-a-key Legends

Big Hollis - West/south

Booth 2 Tha Block - Vol. 2

Bun B - Street Bosses

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah 6

Diezel Fuel (of Oakland Zuu) - Gorilla Suit

Notorious - Soundtrack

Reeso (of Oakland Zuu) - Reeside-o

Yenom T'srif (of Oakland Zuu) - Words Of Experience

27th January Hip Hop Releases

Cappadonna (of Wu-tang Clan) - Slang Prostitution

I-20 (of Dtp) - Blood In The Water

10th February Hip Hop Releases

Aceyalone - Lonely Ones

Blaq Poet (of Screwball) - Blaq Out

Missy Elliott - Block Party

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monster of the Milky Way

It is believed that a super massive black hole is at the center of our galaxy the Milky Way. There are some who speculate that there isn't, but of course I believe there is a massive black hole. Besides how dull is it to believe that there isn't one there? -Univer Soles-

Here is an interview by NOVA with astrophysicist Steven Ritz of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland, and the second is Tom Lucas, producer of "Monster of the Milky Way." Will their conversation help you get a better fix on just what these mind-bendingly strange objects are? We hope so, but regardless we think you'll enjoy the ride.

Titled "Inside An Enigma"

Long read but I hope you enjoy and gain better insight on the subject of black holes.

An object, yet also a space
Q: So what is a black hole, Steve?

Steve Ritz: A black hole is one of the most interesting and unusual ideas in all of science. At its simplest, it is a region of space-time from which nothing, including light, can escape. Once something has fallen into or is within that region, it can no longer come outside.

Q: But what is it really? I don't get it.

Ritz: You mean how could that happen? Or what is it?

Q: I mean, is it a region? Is it an object? What is it?

Ritz: Right, right. Well, let me explain, and you tell me whether you think it is an object or not. You are familiar with the idea that what goes up must come down. Imagine I have a tennis ball and I throw it up. It is going to go up, slow down, turn around, and come back down. The reason for that is gravity due to the Earth. Now, if I throw that tennis ball really fast, at something like seven miles a second, it will not come back. It will be able to escape [Earth's gravity into space].
Now, imagine that we are on a more massive or more dense planet, so we are in a region where gravity is much stronger than we are used to here. You throw something up, it is clearly going to turn around and come back down, so you have to launch it faster [if you want it to escape]. Imagine continuing to increase the strength of the gravity in that region of space and time, and the speed at which you have to launch something just to escape approaches or even exceeds the speed of light. At that point the escape velocity will be larger than the speed of light, and that means that nothing can escape. That means anything within that region will always stay within that region; it is confined there.

Q: I thought light didn't have any mass.

Ritz: Right, but what I said was something had to move at a certain speed to get—

Q: But we are talking about gravity.

Ritz: Right, okay. Let's talk for a minute about our understanding of gravity, since Einstein's general relativity is really at the heart of all this.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Univer Soles-University of Memphis Dunk Highs

One of many customs being produced by Univer Soles. For my University of Memphis Tiger fans. Go Tigers!!!

More pics and info on www.customsnkr.com/universoles